Mind Spa

Its been almost 3 years since I last visited this page. Today  again I am getting an urge to jot down my feelings and expressions,  or write just about another day in my life. We all are living such a fast paced life.  There are so many things going on in our head. Like the things that needs to be done,  pending work, future plans, and  the routine stuff which we do everyday. The past, present and the unseen future, everything just keeps on revolving  in there. Sometimes our mind becomes a cluttered mess. To get our present organized a bit, we have developed an essential habit of keeping a part of it outside using sticky notes.Thanks a lot to whosoever started that.  I genuinely feel it’s a life saver. My bathroom mirror is filled with these colourful  chits of  paper reminding me of all the things I need to do for the week. So as soon as I am up in the morning, brushing my teeth, groggy and looking at the mirror, I get reminded of all the work that’s pending.  But how far does keeping these reminders make our life easier and relaxed.

As for me, I love keeping things neat, organized and beautiful. And this habit of mine makes home chores take up quite a space in my mind. Though I do have a helper who takes care of all the washing and cleaning work, I find myself engaging a significant part of my time doing my ‘home-work’ and keeping things in that order.  My husband insists that I should just let things be and there is no reason to get worked up if the bed sheet is not neatly tucked under the mattress or  if the plants have not been watered or if the newspapers are lying scattered in the coffee table in the living room. But that is how it is. It’s not necessarily always the big things in life which make our minds overworked. It’s like these small simple routine things at home or at the work place which can fill our minds to the brim.

 So I feel our chaotic minds needs some rest. Like some therapy or better still like a ‘mind spa’. And I feel letting out our thoughts and expressions on paper (or on ms word :)) is the best mode of relaxation we can give to our minds. We need to vent out a few things from our head, so that it becomes less cluttered. This exercise will leave our minds clean, refreshed and stress free with new vigour and energy. Writing our thoughts and feelings gives us that very much needed therapy. We just need to remember we are writing for ourself and not for anybody else. Writing gives us a better power of articulation. I love to reminiscence on those golden days when we used to really “write” and not “type”. Nowadays it’s difficult to even find a blank paper in our homes to write even the grocery list. Because that too is just ‘whtsapped’ or saved as notes on the phone. Thanks to ms word, now I struggle even to write a single page with a pen and paper (Gone are those days when I used to write pages for our history exam in school, in today’s date I would surely fail :p).

Writing is a form of healing. Some say it is a spiritual exercise of the mind. Many are of the opinion that it’s a way out of depression, sadness or anger. For others it is a good way to express the happy state of being. In all ways, it is definitely a form of healing and therapy. It is difficult to stick to creative writing on a routine basis. That’s true. It’s not that we don’t get time or it’s not that we don’t have any views or opinions to speak our mind about. We don’t write because we have become just so comfortable with our day to day routine that anything that disrupts this routine even slightly feels like a huge task. It’s not always about writing on serious issues, it’s just about expressing yourself. It can be as simple as keeping a journal or diary. Write just about anything that makes your heart feel good.  Do it for yourself. 


5 thoughts on “Mind Spa

  1. Hey! it was nice to find your blog 🙂
    Even I feel that writing is therapeutic, helps in uncluttering our minds 🙂
    And I would suggest you to get a notebook to jot down those random thoughts, which might get lost by the time you come and open the laptop/desktop and start typing 😛

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