I met a hostel friend after years a few days back .She was an exceedingly slim pretty cute girl back then and now she has turned into a woman, a beautiful woman still having the innocence of a child that she used to have. But no longer slim she is, she has gained weight but what does it matter, I believe she looks fab now and I told her so. Though I am a big fan of Kareena Kapoor’s acting and I do believe she is hot but I am a firm non believer of Kareena  Kapoor’s  size zero brigade (Thank God she has given up on that now).Well back to my friend, during my 45 min conversation with her, she mentioned about getting fat god knows how many times. I felt she was not comfortable and definitely not happy about her weight. She was almost cribbing about how it had made her look unlike of how she was 6-7 yrs back. She almost blamed her break up with her boyfriend because of her weight. Now c’mon how ridiculous and absurd is that. Well jokes apart, the point is how this weight gain thing has actually made her so I would say pessimistic and somewhat complex than she used to be. She has lost her natural self in this raging debate thats  going on in her mind on how much weight she has gained over d yrs.

The ads on television, the pictures of models on fashion magazine covers actually infact unknowingly and maybe unintentionally (well not sure about that or maybe intentionally) leaves an impact on us that makes us wonder whether our waistline is above or below 30 ,whether we are avg or close to being ugly, whether our legs are as long as Deepika’ s or whether our smile is as warm as Anushka’ s . I would say, just chill, just let it be, who cares anyway as long as we are fit, healthy and disease free. Although we are very aware of the fact, we don’t think at that time that these pretty gals on the covers of these mags have been overburdened with make up, brightened up with glossy lighting and touched and retouched on the computer before their photos add the glam factor of these mags and ads and everywhere else. Whenever we eat something spicy(tasty that is) and a little high on the oil factor, we  curse ourselves to no end thinking about that cute slim thing we saw a little while back on the magazine cover. We almost ask God for forgiveness for our sin and pray that we do loose those extras that we gained soon enough. As for me I have been lucky to have friends throughout school, college and university days who actually loved eating. And I mean eating it out seriously. Anytime anyone of us mentions something about food, and there goes our taste buds craving for something .Yes we were foodaholics (And me, especially cakeaholic, I still am, and pastryaholic ,that too those dark chocolate ones with pretty cherry toppings). Other times I am totally at peace eating tandoori chicken, ethnic smoked pork, pizzas , kfcs and  what not . And trying out new recipes of different places is on my to do list in this life. And well I am not embarrassed to admit that I am the type who lives to eat and not eat to live. And  ya for the extra kilos that I gain I do try to sweat it out (with bits of  yoga and early morning running whenever I feel like  though thats not routine and that depends on when I wake up:) ).

Food porn is the new buzz word. And how true is that. The sight of delicious mouth watering food is enough to sensitize the senses. And cooking being my hobby and passion, I find myself spending a lot of time on the net on food . And believe me what a pleasurable time pass it is.

 Just like enjoying  a long drive , relaxing at a sea side restaurant and chilling out at a best friends place is a fun thing and there are no inhibitions whether we should or shouldn’t. Similarly eating and relishing on good food is also counted among the pleasures of a good and happy life.  We should remember that a smile is the best curve a lady possesses, as said by a famous somebody, irrespective of what other curves a lady has. Well the basic point here is its okay to be imperfect, its definitely fine to be a little weighty .Actually the ones on a strict diet should get jealous as they are missing out on a lot of good things life has to offer. 🙂



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  1. being a lil’ on the heavier side is not a sin but then yes being unhealthily fat is also not advisable. Maintaining a balance between eating food & sweating it out every now & then is the key, I guess! And yes, sometimes it is perfectly ok to let down our guard & enjoy the goodness of life 🙂

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